Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 14

Session 14: Hurvaya and the Goblins

The party celebrated with the Sunsbane, who provided them with a signet ring showing that they are allies of the City of Furiel. They made plans to divide up and hunt down Hurvaya. The party found the Night Hag and after a desperate fight, succeeded in driving the corrupted nature spirit from the long dead elf’s rotting body, ending the Night Hag threat… for now.

In doing so, the Blood Staff activated and managed to claim the soul of the ancient elf spell caster, causing the Blood Staff to begin to have… cravings.

The party met with the Sunsbane, celebrated some more, and returned to Clease. Clease explained that he had been hired to hunt something by a wizard calling himself “The Great Cerulean Mystery.” Both Clease and Carnyx chalked this up to wizards being wizards (“Any spell slinger can conjure up a tower somewhere and say they’re important!”)

The party was given the task of getting goblins who had set up camp near one of the three trees that Carnyx needs for his ritual and getting rid of them. When pressed about the ritual, Carnyx and Clease admitted to not knowing much. Carnyx warned the party that Junevi would probably kill anything he was paid to kill, and Clease was promised an antidote for his little girl, so Carnyx believes that they’ll go through with the hunt — no matter what.

The party set out the next morning after a long rest and finishing the paperwork to be Level 5 (everyone should be Level 5!)

They found the goblin camp and, using Suggestion, caused the goblins to congregate. The Sorcerer — I think his name was Rolen? — promptly murdered all of the goblins in a fit of racist glee using his new fireball spells.

The evil blood staff fed off of this evil, and Rolen failed a check, allowing the staff to drain a part of his mind (specifically, forever losing 1 INT.) The staff now has the beginnings of a mind… and cravings for more evil.

But, hey, the party cleared out those goblins.

On searching the camp the party learned that the goblins were some of the rare few who had managed to break free of the Great Enemy’s mind control.

The session ended with the party realizing that the staff is quickly getting out of control, and facing the last of Carnyx’s three marked trees, knowing that soon, the hunt will finally come to an end…

Session 13

Session 13

The party awoke in the Elven Trading Post and made some purchases. ultimately learned that a human from the upper ascents was recruiting people to try and hunt the Great White Stag. They also learned that an elven woman was missing and her son was waiting for her at the town gates.

The party met with the human and found out it was Prescott the Cunning, who had an argument with several Dragonborn who decided he was untrustworthy. He explained his plan to the party to confront the White Stag and Hurvaya together to free the elf soul being controlled by the corrupted nature spirit, thereby ending the Night Hag's terror forever. The party did not trust him, and elected to help the Dragonborn instead.

The Dragonborn — members of the Sunscale clan of Furiel — recruited the party into their hunting party. Together, they ultimately took down the Great White Stag. During the fight, several of Hurvaya's guardians and creations were killed, leading the Sunscales to suggest this was an opportune moment to hunt the Night Hag.

Session 12.5

Session 12.5

After their arrival, the dragonborn, bard and druid were tasked to go get the owlbears. Before leaving, they mentioned the hellhounds and gricks to Clease. Clease appeared concerned and warned them about the Night Hag.

Night Hags are evil, fey spirits that inhabit corrupted Elven women. They are nature spirits that have taken over the Elven body. The Elf's mind is still locked in there, constantly being tortured, but can exert some control over the creature. This moral compass is what causes the Night Hags to enter into deals and compacts with other creatures, and when wronged, the Night Hags lash out with terrible vengeance.

While taking the party part way to the owlbears, Clease explained that he had made a deal with a Night Hag. The deal was that the Night Hag would provide him with a yearly supply of a restoration potion to suppress his daughter's magical illness, in exchange for exotic pets that Clease would provide. Clease admits to not fulfilling his end of the bargain.

Clease explained that his daughter's magical sickness has not been successfully cured by any of the spellcasters he has hired, and that this is what caused him to begin hunting in the first place. He says it pains him to be away from his daughter, who is being sheltered on the Ascent of War.

During the walk, he also inquired about the strangeness of the group. He stated that he thought the Elves' god was heartless and uncaring to have abandoned them on this realm, and that Aryssa too was a cruel god. Aryssa, he reasoned, had done nothing for humans or dragonborn but create them to fight and die for it, "and it has given us nothing but mortal foes as far as the eye can see."

The Dragonborn did not see much wrong with that.

The druid and bard didn't provide too many counterpoints, leading Clease to conclude, as seemed to be his initial opinion, that, "The gods are shit."

After being shown the way, Clease returned to camp, and the party attacked the owlbear cave. They used the Pass Without Trace spell to avoid a magical bear guardian made out of enchanted wood. Upon entering the cave, they felt a tingly sensation, but pressed on.

They made it to the basement and attempted to Speak with Animals to an Owlbear that was wearing barding. Unfortunately, at some point, they mentioned Clease, and the owlbear went in to a frenzy. The party killed all five owlbears, after initially attempting to tame the armored owlbear. Because taming animals is what the party does now, I guess.

While butchering the animals, a beautiful elven woman flew in to the cave, bordering on a rage. She was initially angry with the party for killing her pets. She introduced herself as Hurvaya. She and the party talked, and came to the agreement that the party would leave the eggs and never come back, but could take the dead owlbears. When the party mentioned that the river dragonborn had told them Clease could be coming, because the party pushes their luck whenever, wherever they are, the woman became angry, rippling with magic. She agreed to give the party one of the owlbear eggs if they came back with information about Clease.

The party then returned to the shadows because Pass Without Trace lasts a really, really long time. They sent an animal messenger back to camp to warn Clease, and Carnyx met them when they got back to camp to talk with magical messages, because Magic.

The party said they were going to go on to the Elven Trade Post so that if the woman was following them, they wouldn't lead her to Clease. Carnyx told them that Hurvaya was the Night Hag. Something that actually somehow surprised the party despite the Charisma saves, pets and unbridled, poorly suppressed murderous rage at the mention of Clease's name.

Carnyx arranged to have the sorcerer and goliath meet the party on the way to the Elven trading post and the adventure ended with the party somehow discretely delivering the owlbear parts, but I'm not going to argue with it because they used Pass Without Trace again, and that +10 and magic really justifies a lot.

Session 12

Session 12: Hunting with Clease: Camps, Owlbears and The Night Hag

The party escaped the Bubbling Void and separated on good terms with Lyella. Rowan Whiteoak thanked them, in his own way, for their assistance and took a teleportation spell to speak with the other archmages in person.

The party returned to the Waystation, only to see a foreboding light. Most of them approached it, and agreed to join in a devilish/demonic sacrifice a young Elven woman, trapping her eternal soul in the Blood Lord's staff. Then they beat up some devils.

On returning to the Waystation, they met with Clease who explained some of what they were looking for. The things he told you are:

→ “What we’re hunting has keen senses and is skittish. The ritual that Carnyx has devised will successfully mask us from our target.”

→ “First, we’ll need owl bear innards to mask our scent. Not only that, but this is mating season for the creatures, so we may be able to get fertilized eggs to sell as well as their feathers, claws and spleens.”

→ “What Junevi is going after is a winged creature’s gossamer wings. Carnyx will use these in the ritual to help mask our physical presence.”

→ “After we have those, we’ll need to also stop our fey prey’s ability to sense our auras. I will be meeting with an elven contact who may be able to point us towards where some extra planar creatures have made their lair.”

→ “The last thing that we’ll need is some fungus; Carnyx knows what he’s looking for there. It will serve to bind us to each other during the ritual, and to bind the area that we lay our snare in so that the beast won’t be able to fey step away.”

He told you that your job would be to get some owlbear parts. The party was tasked with going out first to find and set up Camp Clease. On the way, they stopped by the Elven Trading Post. They bought some things and learned about The Great White Stag that would, shortly, be traveling through the Wilds. The trading post promised to make something nice from its antlers if the party brought it back as a trophy. It is also a sign of status among the Elven hunters to take the beast down.

The party arrived at Camp Clease and beat up some hell hounds and gricks. After this, Clease, Junevi, Dogwood the gnome, and Carnyx arrived in a few days time to finish the camp.

Session 11

Session 11: The Bubbling Void — The Everbright Shard Dungeon

In the Bubbling Void, the party succeeded in rescuing Roa Whiteoak and defeating the Bubbling Void’s persona for now.

However, they failed to rescue anyone else from this fate.

Session 10

Session 10: Adventurer’s in Residence, Return to the Waystation

The party met Kirk, an assassin hired by Liviosin who decided he'd had enough of the assassinating game. He made a deal with the party to, instead, kill all the bad guys instead of them. They agreed, since killing bad guys is nominally on their to-do list. After killing the bad guys, they found some loot, gave Kirk some trinkets and a severed finger and wished him well. They're nice like that.

Back at the Waystation, on the 18th of Chaos, the party found that the were redecorating/ripping out all the walls of the airship in their investigation. Because they are not smart investigators. They also learned the airship crew is mighty miffed at being left to fend for themselves twice. But, hey, the goblin told them the truth about what the scroll said.

At Duchess Joie's, they met Junevi and Carnyx, who were some time ahead of Efton Clease. Joie asked the party to help find out about people who were sabotaging the Waystation, and Carnyx asked them to help find out about a missing archmage. The party chose to investigate the archmage.

The party searched the Archmage's tent and found a secret message about an Everbright Shard. They followed the directions and reached the Everbright Shard, where an Aasimar was focusing in a ritual circle. The goliath accidentally broke the Aasimar's concentration, breaking the circle, allowing things from the Bubbling Void to enter the world. The Everbright "shard" is a four story tall hunk of rock crackling with extra planar magic, as well as the magic native to the Everbright.

During the fight with them, Carnyx said he could maybe manage the circle if the party wanted to kill the Aasimar, "Since we all hate them, right?" Well, he had a better reason, but it really came down to that. The party actually chose NOT to kill the Aasimar.

The sorcerer used multiple spell slots to help seal the circle. Once stabalized, the Aasimar, named Lyella, said that someone needed to go through into the Bubbling Void, find the Archmage, and sever the connection that the void had made to the Shard. And someone else would have to stay in the ritual circle to keep it from opening.

Since the sorcerer had burned all his spell slots, he elected to stay behind and manage the circle with Carnyx. Lyella joined the rest of the group to prepare to enter the voided Everbright Shard and find the Archmage…

Session 9

Session 9: A Dwarf, a Gnome and a Plant Vampire Walk Into a Plot

You got a promissory note for 500 gold and a medallion to call for help from the duchess’s uncle, the Lord Peringuey. The party the received three requests for help. First, from Gill the gnoll asking about investigating Captain Humboldt and his crew. Then from Kinven the gnome about trade routes with the Aryssorraw. Third from the elf ambassador Roa Whiteoak. The party agreed to help Kinven.

The party learned that the Aryssorraw hold the mouth of the river. They went to go talk to the blue Dragonborn. On the way, they rescued Penneya Ironblood from a group of evil tree spirits. The tree spirits’ master was an evil spirit that claimed to have once been a protector of nature. It claimed to know know Archmage Nybal. It warned the party that the Blood Lord was a very real danger, and it was a bit aghast that the party said their plan for dealing with it was to just ignore it.

Once Penneya Ironblood was rescued, she told the party about the components required to make a blood weapon, like the one that they had picked up. She asked for them to come find her in the Court of Wisdom when they were ready to learn more about the weapon.

The party made their way to the Aryssorraw camp. There, they learned that Efton Clease was the only non-Aryssorrawan to be welcomed into their clan and was named The Bloodwave.  They also hired/recruited/I’m not sure what to call it, a young nameless Dragonborn who had failed at five attempts to earn passage into adulthood. They named him Spittzz because I think that’s what they name everything that they meet these days.

Session 8

Session 8: Conspiracies! Conspiracies EVERYWHERE! Yes, EVEN THERE!

The party met Captain Humboldt of the Aryssa’s Wings. He asked the party to accompany him to meet Duchess Joie Peringuey von Lambert, Duchess of the Upper Lambert Way Station. When the party met her, she thanked them profusely. She’s a Cleric of Aryssa. The snakes like her. She thinks that Efton Clease is good at hunting, but notes he’s bad with women and a bit of a lout.

She arrests Humboldt and his crew, throwing them in jail. Then commandeered the airship. She asked the party to come to a party and gave them a signet ring. With the ring, the party could have gotten completely free lodging for themselves and their bazillionish dogs. Instead, the party paid 10 gold, proving they’re not total jerks. Until they talked to the one-handed elf and the sorcerer realized he might be racist.

The party agreed to consider poisoning a goblin, who was arrested for public urination after being refused service by the racist inn keeper. The party was also asked by the goblin to help him escape, and the captain of the airship tried to cut the same deal. The duchess’s cousin asked the party to spring the goblin to prevent a goblin-human/elf war, while the one-handed elf asked the party to kill the goblin to START a goblin-human/elf war.

When the party happened, the duchess’s cousin wasn’t around to carry out his plan. The druid and dragonborn went into the woods and found his body, which had been there for very long time. They realized shenanigans were afoot, and called for help by animal messanger. When help came in the form of the rest of the party and, uh, Hans, they heard the town get attacked. They rushed back, saving the town. But they didn’t help anyone escape.

They wrote two messages for the Duchess to send back.

Goblins bad. Town attacked. Please send more troops to improve defenses.
Elves may also be bad. Might have tried to orchestrate a goblin-elf/human war.

It is now the 15th of Chaos, Efton Clease is expected to arrive on the 26th of Chaos, with the hunting party leaving on the 27th of Chaos.

Treasure: The Duchess willingly gives the party a fair share of the spoils of war.

The party receives 150 gold. None of the guards desire any of the goblin spider rider gear, so the party may choose to salvage two riding harnesses for small sized characters. For each character trained in Nature, the party may obtain one dose of spider poison [DC: 15 Fortitude, in three rounds, disorientates the target, providing disadvantage on all rolls. Each round thereafter, deals 3 ongoing poison damage. While poisoned, cannot succeed on Death Saving Throws.]

The party may choose from ONE of these magic items:

1 suit of large sized +1 chain mail from the enemy gnoll [If the party doesn’t take it, then the gnoll guard captain will take it.]
Potion Bag: Potion of Invisibility and x3 Potions of Healing
Heavy Crossbow +1 [If the party doesn’t take it, the archer will take it.]

On the 16th of Chaos, the Duchess is holding a town hall. On the agenda:
The Goblin Menace; The Inquisition Into the Crew of the Aryssa's Wings; Securing the Supply Roads

Session 7

Session 7: The Airship Assaulted

1. You beat up a snakeman and got a Blood Weapon. It takes 24 hours to form a new bond. Right now, it gives Spellcasters a +1 on spell DCs. It gives non-spellcasters a +1 Weapon [it doesn't do both!]

2. You returned to the Circus, got your reward, and bought A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF. Like, a small country's worth of stuff. They are building a creepy house that in about 5 WEEKS Rose will have completed.

3. You heard a vision about a cloud riding bull in the forest. Trippy.

4. You returned to Dorle, avoided talking to anyone but scaring a halfling, and then met with Clease's Crew and His Glorious Mustache.

5. The crew includes Carnyx, a human wizard; Junevi, an elven archer; Kundr, a heavy armor wearing dwarf; and Dogwood, a gnome who does menial tasks. You all agreed to have your money given to either Kitty or a church in hopes of being raised from the dead.

6. You will be first hunting owlbears, and then something, then something else in the third phase, which will involve a ritual from Carnyx to prevent fey stepping.

7. You decided to take the Skyport. Aboard the ship, you got into a fight with raiders and beat them all up.

8. You landed at the Lambert Way Station on the 14th of Chaos.

The Notable Loot:
Magical Holy Symbol of Norema that grants +1 to Mental Saves [INT/WIS/CHA],

A Spellbook written in Orcish with Sleep, Color Spray and Detect Magic,

A +1 Battleaxe.

Session 6

Session 6: The Investigation Begins… And I Guess Ends?

The day was the 8th. The party began the day with breakfast, a brief discussion of their plans and then went out to meet the Gnome attorney, Oakland Barkley. Oakland laid out the facts of the murder case before the party:

Lydia Teyvrain was killed early the morning of the 6th [Sidenote: Using days instead of "yesterday" "today" in my notes makes things so much clearer, doesn't it? I should do that from now on.] at a cottage on the edge of the Teyvrain estate.
The murder weapon was a farmer’s scythe.
The body was brutally disfigured in the attack.
There are two witnesses: Gethric Vorn, the Dragonborn guardsmen, and Penelope, Lydia’s handmaiden.
Gethric Vorn can identify Garmont as the man he arrested at the scene.
Penelope escorted Lydia to the cottage and then was instructed to wait in the garden.
Garmont was arrested on the spot.
Garmont was quickly found guilty; you have today and tomorrow to investigate. The execution is scheduled to be the morning of the third day (11th), delayed a day due to the riot.
Garmont’s mother is staying at their small plot of land, and the gnome can offer you directions.

The party split into two groups to work on finding out what they can. One group went to talk to Garmont, the other to see what rumors they could scare up. Because rumors are always true. Garmont declared he and Lydia were madly in love and going to run away together, and also that he occassonally blacks out and doesn't remember anything that happens during said black outs. The sorcerer and Dragonborn were, needless to say, not entirely convinced of his defense.

The Bard and Druid had better luck, in learning that the Garmont family lived next door to the Teyvrain estate. They also learned that Vorn was in the employ of the Teyvrain family as well as the City of Dorle, and that most of the regular guards of Dorle disliked working with the fat, foppish Dragonborn who had the nerve to wear a hat. A possible second suspect appeared in the Princeling from the Court of Wisdom Diamod, Lady Lydia's fiance who may or may not have broken it off with her recently. Finding themselves tailed by a Halfling, the Bard and Druid gave him the slip and noted that he met with a female Halfling. The party met up, swapped news, and then went off to find more information.

The Barbarian and Sorcerer tailed the Halflings, recruiting an army of street urchins to spy on the Halfling. The Druid and Bard went to the Garmont farm, finding a Dragonberry tree and a small garden that had no use for a scythe. The interview with Garmont's mother went… awkwardly, as the Bard asked about a man who had propositioned her. It turned out Lord Teyvrain was interested in buying the neighboring eyesore, and that her son had recently started courting a girl named Lydia.

The party finally decided to go try and see Lord Teyvrain. Instead, after botching a few attempts to talk their way in, they were instead deposited at Gethric Vorn's office. There, they learned that Gethric Vorn did indeed arrest Garmont on the spot, and he declared he saw the murder: "One clean strike before I arrested him." He also told the party the verdict was in, there was no point in investigating it.

Despite this being SUPER SUSPICIOUS, the party pressed on. He then offered to pay the party 60 gold to leave town for four days. The party accepted, on equally SUPER SUSPICIOUS requirements. Namely, the severed head and some profane holy symbols. Vorn went to talk to Lord Teyvrain, and came back saying he could arrange that, but no gold, and the party had to deliver a message to the Dorle Heights.

At the Dorle Heights, the party met Efton Clease, who offered them a job. They also met a bunch of carousing Halflings, who turned out to be there to kill Penelope, the last witness to the murder. After meeting with the man in the purple rooster cloak and delivering the message, chaos broke out. Most of the employees of the Dorle Heights died in the fire, the Halflings managed to kill Penelope, and their ringleader escaped while one of them was handed over to Gethric Vorn, who showed up at the scene quickly.

1 Wand of Silence [8 charges, centered on the Wand];

1 Dagger, normal;

2 Daggers with a jeweled pommel,

2 Homing jewels; any masterwork weapon with the paired jewels allows the user to call the weapon back to them as a free action [this teleports the weapon, it does not fly through the air;] the jewels take 24 hours to bond with a weapon, jewelry or armor. If the item they are being inlaid into are magic, it takes one week to bond.

85 gold;

1 sling;

Shards of the exploding dagger that radiate magic and could possibly be used to make a magic weapon; it is advised to not make a magic armor out of it, since exploding armor is surprisingly NOT USEFUL.

Later this week, an excerpt from the Daily Dorle will be made available.

The party promptly left town, leaving a message with Jericho to come by the city walls to receive messages.

Which brings us to early morning of the 9th, with the party on the outskirts of Dorle, where our next session will start…


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