Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 6

Session 6: The Investigation Begins… And I Guess Ends?

The day was the 8th. The party began the day with breakfast, a brief discussion of their plans and then went out to meet the Gnome attorney, Oakland Barkley. Oakland laid out the facts of the murder case before the party:

Lydia Teyvrain was killed early the morning of the 6th [Sidenote: Using days instead of "yesterday" "today" in my notes makes things so much clearer, doesn't it? I should do that from now on.] at a cottage on the edge of the Teyvrain estate.
The murder weapon was a farmer’s scythe.
The body was brutally disfigured in the attack.
There are two witnesses: Gethric Vorn, the Dragonborn guardsmen, and Penelope, Lydia’s handmaiden.
Gethric Vorn can identify Garmont as the man he arrested at the scene.
Penelope escorted Lydia to the cottage and then was instructed to wait in the garden.
Garmont was arrested on the spot.
Garmont was quickly found guilty; you have today and tomorrow to investigate. The execution is scheduled to be the morning of the third day (11th), delayed a day due to the riot.
Garmont’s mother is staying at their small plot of land, and the gnome can offer you directions.

The party split into two groups to work on finding out what they can. One group went to talk to Garmont, the other to see what rumors they could scare up. Because rumors are always true. Garmont declared he and Lydia were madly in love and going to run away together, and also that he occassonally blacks out and doesn't remember anything that happens during said black outs. The sorcerer and Dragonborn were, needless to say, not entirely convinced of his defense.

The Bard and Druid had better luck, in learning that the Garmont family lived next door to the Teyvrain estate. They also learned that Vorn was in the employ of the Teyvrain family as well as the City of Dorle, and that most of the regular guards of Dorle disliked working with the fat, foppish Dragonborn who had the nerve to wear a hat. A possible second suspect appeared in the Princeling from the Court of Wisdom Diamod, Lady Lydia's fiance who may or may not have broken it off with her recently. Finding themselves tailed by a Halfling, the Bard and Druid gave him the slip and noted that he met with a female Halfling. The party met up, swapped news, and then went off to find more information.

The Barbarian and Sorcerer tailed the Halflings, recruiting an army of street urchins to spy on the Halfling. The Druid and Bard went to the Garmont farm, finding a Dragonberry tree and a small garden that had no use for a scythe. The interview with Garmont's mother went… awkwardly, as the Bard asked about a man who had propositioned her. It turned out Lord Teyvrain was interested in buying the neighboring eyesore, and that her son had recently started courting a girl named Lydia.

The party finally decided to go try and see Lord Teyvrain. Instead, after botching a few attempts to talk their way in, they were instead deposited at Gethric Vorn's office. There, they learned that Gethric Vorn did indeed arrest Garmont on the spot, and he declared he saw the murder: "One clean strike before I arrested him." He also told the party the verdict was in, there was no point in investigating it.

Despite this being SUPER SUSPICIOUS, the party pressed on. He then offered to pay the party 60 gold to leave town for four days. The party accepted, on equally SUPER SUSPICIOUS requirements. Namely, the severed head and some profane holy symbols. Vorn went to talk to Lord Teyvrain, and came back saying he could arrange that, but no gold, and the party had to deliver a message to the Dorle Heights.

At the Dorle Heights, the party met Efton Clease, who offered them a job. They also met a bunch of carousing Halflings, who turned out to be there to kill Penelope, the last witness to the murder. After meeting with the man in the purple rooster cloak and delivering the message, chaos broke out. Most of the employees of the Dorle Heights died in the fire, the Halflings managed to kill Penelope, and their ringleader escaped while one of them was handed over to Gethric Vorn, who showed up at the scene quickly.

1 Wand of Silence [8 charges, centered on the Wand];

1 Dagger, normal;

2 Daggers with a jeweled pommel,

2 Homing jewels; any masterwork weapon with the paired jewels allows the user to call the weapon back to them as a free action [this teleports the weapon, it does not fly through the air;] the jewels take 24 hours to bond with a weapon, jewelry or armor. If the item they are being inlaid into are magic, it takes one week to bond.

85 gold;

1 sling;

Shards of the exploding dagger that radiate magic and could possibly be used to make a magic weapon; it is advised to not make a magic armor out of it, since exploding armor is surprisingly NOT USEFUL.

Later this week, an excerpt from the Daily Dorle will be made available.

The party promptly left town, leaving a message with Jericho to come by the city walls to receive messages.

Which brings us to early morning of the 9th, with the party on the outskirts of Dorle, where our next session will start…


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