Chronicle of Aryssa

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Session 1
Matt Lost His Session Recap

The party met the circus. The party went on the hunt for missing circus members and to find the map to a location in the Everbright. They found the map after stopping at the Sterling Whistle, where they met Rhia, a Dragonborn calling herself the Prophetess of the Reconciliation, they pretty much ignored her though. They accidentally ruined Leafem Smilin’s affair with a tavern keeper and avenged Spittz. Also, they let the Sterling Whistle be burned down. Because, despite being adventurers, no one has time for that.

Session 2
Splitting the Party. Why? Why do you do it?

The party prepared for their excursion to the Kobold Lair, expecting for it to be a nice, quick adventure wrapped up in a single setting instead of this being a significant story chapter intended to help set the stage for the rest of the campaign.

Their first stop was Leafem Smilin, who gave them the run down of their goals: 1. Find the kobold lair. 2. Kill them all, including the shaman Bugluck (Booglock? Buglock? Boglick? Whatever!) 3. Come back so that the circus can set up a nifty adventure town there.

Lyle the Rogue was replaced with a Wild Mage. Kudd the Ogre and security chief of the circus told them some information, that Bugluck the Shaman was once a minor bandit but recently rose to prominence thanks to his successful burning of the Sterling Whistle. There's a bounty of 200 gold for him and the Envoy of the Kobold Warren.  They also learned that the alchemist wanted kobold brains and eyes. They were totally in for this and bought a bunch of kobold brain and eye jugs.

On speaking to Hitch and Stitch, the party had two visions revealed to them. The first was of a green dog that sings in Draconic, allegedly held by the Kobolds. Stitch asked them to bring the dog back to the circus so that she could give them a nice home. The second dream was of a dark cavern, damp and filled with skittering. And blood. Don't forget the blood.

The first night was uneventful until the Druid [yeah, you guys gave me names, but, uh, I suck] spoke with an owl to find out that the Kobold shaman was using bats to spy on them. The next night the party decided it was a good idea to screw with the bats.

The third night was a brief kobold ambush that beat the party up, but they survived. So, they pushed on along the road. During the day, the party came across the destroyed caravan and spoke with the severed, animated head of Corinthia, who warned them of the growing evil in the Everbright. Upon removing the gem that was leaving her head animated, the party was introduced to the minor illusion that was a projected image of Master Wizard Nyball [not Nibble as Corinthia had pronounced it.] His exact title, in case you forgot, is: Master Nyball, Sage of the Wildlands and Master of the Avincean Manorlands. [Fun fact: I never considered that the party would think the kobold shaman had animated the head. If I ever run it again, I may need to provide more information about the missing caravan to ensure that's not a possible conclusion.] The party found some loot, like a Protection From Evil Scroll.

Nyball warned the party of a terrible evil in the Everbright and then dismissed the party … before his communication was dismissed by the fact spells have limitations.

For some reason, the gnome Necromancer took the no longer animated head.

The second ambush was the darkness ambush that the party trounced in part because kobolds had yet to learn how to critically hit. Don't worry; they've figured it out and will critically hit as appropriate during all future encounters.

The assault on the kobold gates was a mixed success, as the barbarian, necromancer and druid ended up inside the slowly closing ominous door, while the bard, wild mage and paladin [if he is able to make it next time!] ended up outside.

Four Notes Now That the Tutorial Is Over:

#1 The Party now has the Traditional Once A Campaign Do-Over open to them. This is essentially a rewind. You get one for the whole campaign, and the choice to use it needs to be unanimous. [And yes, this means campaign. For as long as these characters are active and adventuring. Not once a story arc, the whole deal.]

Rules: 1. This rewinds ONE choice, decision or action. It needs to be used immediately. It will, essentially, reset one scene or combat. Once a scene is over or the combat has resolved, it's too late to use it. If the party wipes in a combat, it'll automatically get used. If you don't have it at that point, well, uh, I have a Plan B?

#2 Monsters are no longer going to be softened up by having things like their spell list or weapon list limited, and are now able to critically hit and are likely to learn from terrible tactical decisions made.

#3 No more DM hints. I wanted to make sure the early kobold ambushes, while still feeling right [Kobolds are tricky and sneaky], didn't completely overwhelm the group.

#4 It's going to be fun.

Session 3
Doors Getting Kicked In

Session 3: Doors Getting Kicked In

1. You freed the Green Singing Dog instead of keeping it.
2. You let the orcs go without a fight.
3. You killed the kobold cleric in cold blood.
4. You rested the night instead of clearing the first floor in one go, leaving who knows what to do who knows what to the rest of the kobolds.

Next time, the conclusion of the adventure.

Leafem Smilin's Shopping List

<meta />

Kitty gave me a full report of what you guys did. We’re going to have the greatest ADVENTURE CAVE ever. Actually, that sounds… I don’t know, trite? Let’s call it an adventure park! I think that’s the ticket to get rubes to spend a few coins: DEEP DELVERS ADVENTURE PARK.


Anyway, while we settle in to our AUTHENTIC KOBOLD CAVE, I’m already thinking of the next big thing. No one would come to the circus just to see the halfling do their hocus pocus stuff [not even if we could convince Stitch to do it dressed like a magician’s apprentice. Apparently, the halfling goddess requires modesty!]


So, what I need from you is to help me get the things I need to work on our next attraction. I’ll be honest with you, this next task is a bit less fun than the last one. No scampering through caves finding treasures or chasing down missing employees! I’m sending you on a pretty straight forward shopping trip to Dorle. Jericho’ll be going with you to get the mundane things that we’ll need. However, some of these things Rose is asking us to get? I think they’ll need your special skills.


Now, what I’m going to ask of you might sound illegal, because it probably is. So, you know, factor that in.


First, we’ll need to build the attraction. For that, I need about, I dunno, a thousand pounds of lumber? Jericho’s getting the brunt of it, but we need a lot of a special kind of lumber. I’ve got a guy, calls himself Shivers, who can get us the kind of wood we need. We need what our new creepy friend Rose tells me is called “Dead Wood.” Specifically, we need a lot of wood that has seen some really ghastly stuff! My guy Shivers? He has acquired us some wood from coffins, gallows, sunken ships — you know, “Dead Wood.” He’s in Dorle, and I’m sure you figure out his favorite haunts.


Now, Rose isn’t exactly the religious sort, so she doesn’t see a problem with this next part. We need — I feel dirty just writing this — profaned holy symbols of the Aspect of the Memories. Five to be exact. One for each wall and the roof. I, uh, don’t know exactly how you get a profaned holy symbol. But, I know you can find lots of churches in Dorle. Maybe they’ll have some they can sell you at a discount? Like you’d get on a busted clock or slightly off cheese? I don’t know; you’re the doers. Go do.


Last piece, probably the trickiest. I normally wasn’t going to ask you guys for this, I was just, you know, going to just get someone to make us a fake one — not by like, killing some random person, but like, out of a pumpkin or something? Rose insists that we need the Severed Head of a Person Condemned for Murder to really make this thing tick. She was quite adamant: No one who was hanged. No one stabbed trying to escape. Not rape. Not theft. Just straight up beheaded for murder.


So, those are the three things I need you to pick up for me from Dorle. Thanks, you guys are peaches!


Session 4
Blood for the Blood God!

Session 4: Kstaria Darah Returns

After making your way into the kobold's basement… you uh, took a nap. On waking up, you confronted the kobold shaman Bugluck, defeating him after a pitched battle in a very large cave.  During the fight Erki Bonesmith died. Probably due to insufficient bone smithing. After destroying the remains of Bugluck, Ksatria Darah was released into the world. The party wisely withdrew as the demon took form.

They reported back to Leafem Smilin' after terrible, horrible visions of rivers of bloooood danced in their heads. There, they met a Goliath who is as well named as the rest the party because I don't remember his name.

The party was asked to go on a creepy shopping trip for Leafem and his new associate, an elven wizard calling herself Rose, apprenticed to Master Nyball, Sage of the Wildlands and Master of the Avincean Manorlands. She seemed pleased with Corinthia's death.

The party also received a prophecy from Hitch: “I see three doors before you, but only one is a true door. The other two are false. I see three paths, one is straight and narrow, the other two perilous. I see three mugs, two are poisoned, I’m sure you get the point now right? There’s three of SOMETHING, and two of them aren’t bad.”

Going on the shopping trip with the party is Jericho, a serious, mustached man. He brings something that the circus desperately needs:  “I’m a businessman. I can look respectable, and I have contacts in Dorle who will sell us things at the fair prices instead of gouging us. I also know a few of the craftsguilds.” Yes, looking respectable is a rare skill among the Deep Delvers. He will be handling all of the non-creepy acquisitions.

Rose was unconcerned about the party unleashing a demon. “I’ve told you, my Master is worried about something much worse than a blood demon. There are probably a hundred different individuals capable of dealing with that threat. It is not of his concern.”

During dinner, a guard from Dorle arrived: “Recently several kobolds have come to the gates of Dorle waving the white flag asking for mercy,” the guard says. “They claim that their warren was infested by an evil spirit that forced them to act against their nature. They gave us your description and asked for you to come and witness to their statements. The City of Dorle cannot FORCE you to come and bear witness and declare them false or true, but we are asking you to come in two days time to ensure the kobolds meet a fitting end for their banditry.” The party mentioned there is SOME truth to there being an evil spirit, which annoyed the guard, as he didn't think the kobolds were telling the truth. The party has been asked to attend the trial so that the truth of the kobold's claims can be tested.

The Shopping List: [ see Leafem Smilin's Shopping List]

The next session begins the next day, waiting in line to enter the city of Dorle with Jericho and one of the guards from the Deep Delvers, the surly crossbow toting dwarf, who refused to give a name when he signed up with the circus, so Kitty took to calling him Hank…


Let me know if you have questions. Here are the four things the party has been specifically asked to do:

1. Attend a trial for the kobolds tomorrow.
2. Acquire Dead Wood from Leafem's contact, who calls himself Shivers. On contacting Shivers, Leafem just shrugged: "He's the sort of guy that you contact by wanting to contact him." Jericho has never met Shivers.
3. Acquire five profaned Holy Symbols of the Aspect of Memories.
4. Acquire the severed head of a person executed for the crime of murder.

Did I miss including anyone?

Session 5

Session 5: Matt Forgot His Session Recap

In this session the party acquired the dead wood, learned about the Tenth Fang’s history of self-immolation. They also learned of Liviosin, a rival to the Thieves’ Guild who is described as a dwarf, elf, human and “other.” Liviosin took a hit out on a prostitute that was in the stockades along with the kobolds and the accused in the Teyvrain murder. The party was there to cause/stop a riot. After the riot, the gnome lawyer, Oakland Barkley, offered to hire the party to prove the accused man’s innocence.

Session 6

Session 6: The Investigation Begins… And I Guess Ends?

The day was the 8th. The party began the day with breakfast, a brief discussion of their plans and then went out to meet the Gnome attorney, Oakland Barkley. Oakland laid out the facts of the murder case before the party:

Lydia Teyvrain was killed early the morning of the 6th [Sidenote: Using days instead of "yesterday" "today" in my notes makes things so much clearer, doesn't it? I should do that from now on.] at a cottage on the edge of the Teyvrain estate.
The murder weapon was a farmer’s scythe.
The body was brutally disfigured in the attack.
There are two witnesses: Gethric Vorn, the Dragonborn guardsmen, and Penelope, Lydia’s handmaiden.
Gethric Vorn can identify Garmont as the man he arrested at the scene.
Penelope escorted Lydia to the cottage and then was instructed to wait in the garden.
Garmont was arrested on the spot.
Garmont was quickly found guilty; you have today and tomorrow to investigate. The execution is scheduled to be the morning of the third day (11th), delayed a day due to the riot.
Garmont’s mother is staying at their small plot of land, and the gnome can offer you directions.

The party split into two groups to work on finding out what they can. One group went to talk to Garmont, the other to see what rumors they could scare up. Because rumors are always true. Garmont declared he and Lydia were madly in love and going to run away together, and also that he occassonally blacks out and doesn't remember anything that happens during said black outs. The sorcerer and Dragonborn were, needless to say, not entirely convinced of his defense.

The Bard and Druid had better luck, in learning that the Garmont family lived next door to the Teyvrain estate. They also learned that Vorn was in the employ of the Teyvrain family as well as the City of Dorle, and that most of the regular guards of Dorle disliked working with the fat, foppish Dragonborn who had the nerve to wear a hat. A possible second suspect appeared in the Princeling from the Court of Wisdom Diamod, Lady Lydia's fiance who may or may not have broken it off with her recently. Finding themselves tailed by a Halfling, the Bard and Druid gave him the slip and noted that he met with a female Halfling. The party met up, swapped news, and then went off to find more information.

The Barbarian and Sorcerer tailed the Halflings, recruiting an army of street urchins to spy on the Halfling. The Druid and Bard went to the Garmont farm, finding a Dragonberry tree and a small garden that had no use for a scythe. The interview with Garmont's mother went… awkwardly, as the Bard asked about a man who had propositioned her. It turned out Lord Teyvrain was interested in buying the neighboring eyesore, and that her son had recently started courting a girl named Lydia.

The party finally decided to go try and see Lord Teyvrain. Instead, after botching a few attempts to talk their way in, they were instead deposited at Gethric Vorn's office. There, they learned that Gethric Vorn did indeed arrest Garmont on the spot, and he declared he saw the murder: "One clean strike before I arrested him." He also told the party the verdict was in, there was no point in investigating it.

Despite this being SUPER SUSPICIOUS, the party pressed on. He then offered to pay the party 60 gold to leave town for four days. The party accepted, on equally SUPER SUSPICIOUS requirements. Namely, the severed head and some profane holy symbols. Vorn went to talk to Lord Teyvrain, and came back saying he could arrange that, but no gold, and the party had to deliver a message to the Dorle Heights.

At the Dorle Heights, the party met Efton Clease, who offered them a job. They also met a bunch of carousing Halflings, who turned out to be there to kill Penelope, the last witness to the murder. After meeting with the man in the purple rooster cloak and delivering the message, chaos broke out. Most of the employees of the Dorle Heights died in the fire, the Halflings managed to kill Penelope, and their ringleader escaped while one of them was handed over to Gethric Vorn, who showed up at the scene quickly.

1 Wand of Silence [8 charges, centered on the Wand];

1 Dagger, normal;

2 Daggers with a jeweled pommel,

2 Homing jewels; any masterwork weapon with the paired jewels allows the user to call the weapon back to them as a free action [this teleports the weapon, it does not fly through the air;] the jewels take 24 hours to bond with a weapon, jewelry or armor. If the item they are being inlaid into are magic, it takes one week to bond.

85 gold;

1 sling;

Shards of the exploding dagger that radiate magic and could possibly be used to make a magic weapon; it is advised to not make a magic armor out of it, since exploding armor is surprisingly NOT USEFUL.

Later this week, an excerpt from the Daily Dorle will be made available.

The party promptly left town, leaving a message with Jericho to come by the city walls to receive messages.

Which brings us to early morning of the 9th, with the party on the outskirts of Dorle, where our next session will start…

Session 7

Session 7: The Airship Assaulted

1. You beat up a snakeman and got a Blood Weapon. It takes 24 hours to form a new bond. Right now, it gives Spellcasters a +1 on spell DCs. It gives non-spellcasters a +1 Weapon [it doesn't do both!]

2. You returned to the Circus, got your reward, and bought A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF. Like, a small country's worth of stuff. They are building a creepy house that in about 5 WEEKS Rose will have completed.

3. You heard a vision about a cloud riding bull in the forest. Trippy.

4. You returned to Dorle, avoided talking to anyone but scaring a halfling, and then met with Clease's Crew and His Glorious Mustache.

5. The crew includes Carnyx, a human wizard; Junevi, an elven archer; Kundr, a heavy armor wearing dwarf; and Dogwood, a gnome who does menial tasks. You all agreed to have your money given to either Kitty or a church in hopes of being raised from the dead.

6. You will be first hunting owlbears, and then something, then something else in the third phase, which will involve a ritual from Carnyx to prevent fey stepping.

7. You decided to take the Skyport. Aboard the ship, you got into a fight with raiders and beat them all up.

8. You landed at the Lambert Way Station on the 14th of Chaos.

The Notable Loot:
Magical Holy Symbol of Norema that grants +1 to Mental Saves [INT/WIS/CHA],

A Spellbook written in Orcish with Sleep, Color Spray and Detect Magic,

A +1 Battleaxe.


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