Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 10

Session 10: Adventurer’s in Residence, Return to the Waystation

The party met Kirk, an assassin hired by Liviosin who decided he'd had enough of the assassinating game. He made a deal with the party to, instead, kill all the bad guys instead of them. They agreed, since killing bad guys is nominally on their to-do list. After killing the bad guys, they found some loot, gave Kirk some trinkets and a severed finger and wished him well. They're nice like that.

Back at the Waystation, on the 18th of Chaos, the party found that the were redecorating/ripping out all the walls of the airship in their investigation. Because they are not smart investigators. They also learned the airship crew is mighty miffed at being left to fend for themselves twice. But, hey, the goblin told them the truth about what the scroll said.

At Duchess Joie's, they met Junevi and Carnyx, who were some time ahead of Efton Clease. Joie asked the party to help find out about people who were sabotaging the Waystation, and Carnyx asked them to help find out about a missing archmage. The party chose to investigate the archmage.

The party searched the Archmage's tent and found a secret message about an Everbright Shard. They followed the directions and reached the Everbright Shard, where an Aasimar was focusing in a ritual circle. The goliath accidentally broke the Aasimar's concentration, breaking the circle, allowing things from the Bubbling Void to enter the world. The Everbright "shard" is a four story tall hunk of rock crackling with extra planar magic, as well as the magic native to the Everbright.

During the fight with them, Carnyx said he could maybe manage the circle if the party wanted to kill the Aasimar, "Since we all hate them, right?" Well, he had a better reason, but it really came down to that. The party actually chose NOT to kill the Aasimar.

The sorcerer used multiple spell slots to help seal the circle. Once stabalized, the Aasimar, named Lyella, said that someone needed to go through into the Bubbling Void, find the Archmage, and sever the connection that the void had made to the Shard. And someone else would have to stay in the ritual circle to keep it from opening.

Since the sorcerer had burned all his spell slots, he elected to stay behind and manage the circle with Carnyx. Lyella joined the rest of the group to prepare to enter the voided Everbright Shard and find the Archmage…


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