Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 7

Session 7: The Airship Assaulted

1. You beat up a snakeman and got a Blood Weapon. It takes 24 hours to form a new bond. Right now, it gives Spellcasters a +1 on spell DCs. It gives non-spellcasters a +1 Weapon [it doesn't do both!]

2. You returned to the Circus, got your reward, and bought A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF. Like, a small country's worth of stuff. They are building a creepy house that in about 5 WEEKS Rose will have completed.

3. You heard a vision about a cloud riding bull in the forest. Trippy.

4. You returned to Dorle, avoided talking to anyone but scaring a halfling, and then met with Clease's Crew and His Glorious Mustache.

5. The crew includes Carnyx, a human wizard; Junevi, an elven archer; Kundr, a heavy armor wearing dwarf; and Dogwood, a gnome who does menial tasks. You all agreed to have your money given to either Kitty or a church in hopes of being raised from the dead.

6. You will be first hunting owlbears, and then something, then something else in the third phase, which will involve a ritual from Carnyx to prevent fey stepping.

7. You decided to take the Skyport. Aboard the ship, you got into a fight with raiders and beat them all up.

8. You landed at the Lambert Way Station on the 14th of Chaos.

The Notable Loot:
Magical Holy Symbol of Norema that grants +1 to Mental Saves [INT/WIS/CHA],

A Spellbook written in Orcish with Sleep, Color Spray and Detect Magic,

A +1 Battleaxe.


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