Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 8

Session 8: Conspiracies! Conspiracies EVERYWHERE! Yes, EVEN THERE!

The party met Captain Humboldt of the Aryssa’s Wings. He asked the party to accompany him to meet Duchess Joie Peringuey von Lambert, Duchess of the Upper Lambert Way Station. When the party met her, she thanked them profusely. She’s a Cleric of Aryssa. The snakes like her. She thinks that Efton Clease is good at hunting, but notes he’s bad with women and a bit of a lout.

She arrests Humboldt and his crew, throwing them in jail. Then commandeered the airship. She asked the party to come to a party and gave them a signet ring. With the ring, the party could have gotten completely free lodging for themselves and their bazillionish dogs. Instead, the party paid 10 gold, proving they’re not total jerks. Until they talked to the one-handed elf and the sorcerer realized he might be racist.

The party agreed to consider poisoning a goblin, who was arrested for public urination after being refused service by the racist inn keeper. The party was also asked by the goblin to help him escape, and the captain of the airship tried to cut the same deal. The duchess’s cousin asked the party to spring the goblin to prevent a goblin-human/elf war, while the one-handed elf asked the party to kill the goblin to START a goblin-human/elf war.

When the party happened, the duchess’s cousin wasn’t around to carry out his plan. The druid and dragonborn went into the woods and found his body, which had been there for very long time. They realized shenanigans were afoot, and called for help by animal messanger. When help came in the form of the rest of the party and, uh, Hans, they heard the town get attacked. They rushed back, saving the town. But they didn’t help anyone escape.

They wrote two messages for the Duchess to send back.

Goblins bad. Town attacked. Please send more troops to improve defenses.
Elves may also be bad. Might have tried to orchestrate a goblin-elf/human war.

It is now the 15th of Chaos, Efton Clease is expected to arrive on the 26th of Chaos, with the hunting party leaving on the 27th of Chaos.

Treasure: The Duchess willingly gives the party a fair share of the spoils of war.

The party receives 150 gold. None of the guards desire any of the goblin spider rider gear, so the party may choose to salvage two riding harnesses for small sized characters. For each character trained in Nature, the party may obtain one dose of spider poison [DC: 15 Fortitude, in three rounds, disorientates the target, providing disadvantage on all rolls. Each round thereafter, deals 3 ongoing poison damage. While poisoned, cannot succeed on Death Saving Throws.]

The party may choose from ONE of these magic items:

1 suit of large sized +1 chain mail from the enemy gnoll [If the party doesn’t take it, then the gnoll guard captain will take it.]
Potion Bag: Potion of Invisibility and x3 Potions of Healing
Heavy Crossbow +1 [If the party doesn’t take it, the archer will take it.]

On the 16th of Chaos, the Duchess is holding a town hall. On the agenda:
The Goblin Menace; The Inquisition Into the Crew of the Aryssa's Wings; Securing the Supply Roads


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