Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 12

Session 12: Hunting with Clease: Camps, Owlbears and The Night Hag

The party escaped the Bubbling Void and separated on good terms with Lyella. Rowan Whiteoak thanked them, in his own way, for their assistance and took a teleportation spell to speak with the other archmages in person.

The party returned to the Waystation, only to see a foreboding light. Most of them approached it, and agreed to join in a devilish/demonic sacrifice a young Elven woman, trapping her eternal soul in the Blood Lord's staff. Then they beat up some devils.

On returning to the Waystation, they met with Clease who explained some of what they were looking for. The things he told you are:

→ “What we’re hunting has keen senses and is skittish. The ritual that Carnyx has devised will successfully mask us from our target.”

→ “First, we’ll need owl bear innards to mask our scent. Not only that, but this is mating season for the creatures, so we may be able to get fertilized eggs to sell as well as their feathers, claws and spleens.”

→ “What Junevi is going after is a winged creature’s gossamer wings. Carnyx will use these in the ritual to help mask our physical presence.”

→ “After we have those, we’ll need to also stop our fey prey’s ability to sense our auras. I will be meeting with an elven contact who may be able to point us towards where some extra planar creatures have made their lair.”

→ “The last thing that we’ll need is some fungus; Carnyx knows what he’s looking for there. It will serve to bind us to each other during the ritual, and to bind the area that we lay our snare in so that the beast won’t be able to fey step away.”

He told you that your job would be to get some owlbear parts. The party was tasked with going out first to find and set up Camp Clease. On the way, they stopped by the Elven Trading Post. They bought some things and learned about The Great White Stag that would, shortly, be traveling through the Wilds. The trading post promised to make something nice from its antlers if the party brought it back as a trophy. It is also a sign of status among the Elven hunters to take the beast down.

The party arrived at Camp Clease and beat up some hell hounds and gricks. After this, Clease, Junevi, Dogwood the gnome, and Carnyx arrived in a few days time to finish the camp.


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