Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 13

Session 13

The party awoke in the Elven Trading Post and made some purchases. ultimately learned that a human from the upper ascents was recruiting people to try and hunt the Great White Stag. They also learned that an elven woman was missing and her son was waiting for her at the town gates.

The party met with the human and found out it was Prescott the Cunning, who had an argument with several Dragonborn who decided he was untrustworthy. He explained his plan to the party to confront the White Stag and Hurvaya together to free the elf soul being controlled by the corrupted nature spirit, thereby ending the Night Hag's terror forever. The party did not trust him, and elected to help the Dragonborn instead.

The Dragonborn — members of the Sunscale clan of Furiel — recruited the party into their hunting party. Together, they ultimately took down the Great White Stag. During the fight, several of Hurvaya's guardians and creations were killed, leading the Sunscales to suggest this was an opportune moment to hunt the Night Hag.


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