Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 14

Session 14: Hurvaya and the Goblins

The party celebrated with the Sunsbane, who provided them with a signet ring showing that they are allies of the City of Furiel. They made plans to divide up and hunt down Hurvaya. The party found the Night Hag and after a desperate fight, succeeded in driving the corrupted nature spirit from the long dead elf’s rotting body, ending the Night Hag threat… for now.

In doing so, the Blood Staff activated and managed to claim the soul of the ancient elf spell caster, causing the Blood Staff to begin to have… cravings.

The party met with the Sunsbane, celebrated some more, and returned to Clease. Clease explained that he had been hired to hunt something by a wizard calling himself “The Great Cerulean Mystery.” Both Clease and Carnyx chalked this up to wizards being wizards (“Any spell slinger can conjure up a tower somewhere and say they’re important!”)

The party was given the task of getting goblins who had set up camp near one of the three trees that Carnyx needs for his ritual and getting rid of them. When pressed about the ritual, Carnyx and Clease admitted to not knowing much. Carnyx warned the party that Junevi would probably kill anything he was paid to kill, and Clease was promised an antidote for his little girl, so Carnyx believes that they’ll go through with the hunt — no matter what.

The party set out the next morning after a long rest and finishing the paperwork to be Level 5 (everyone should be Level 5!)

They found the goblin camp and, using Suggestion, caused the goblins to congregate. The Sorcerer — I think his name was Rolen? — promptly murdered all of the goblins in a fit of racist glee using his new fireball spells.

The evil blood staff fed off of this evil, and Rolen failed a check, allowing the staff to drain a part of his mind (specifically, forever losing 1 INT.) The staff now has the beginnings of a mind… and cravings for more evil.

But, hey, the party cleared out those goblins.

On searching the camp the party learned that the goblins were some of the rare few who had managed to break free of the Great Enemy’s mind control.

The session ended with the party realizing that the staff is quickly getting out of control, and facing the last of Carnyx’s three marked trees, knowing that soon, the hunt will finally come to an end…


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