Chronicle of Aryssa

Session 9

Session 9: A Dwarf, a Gnome and a Plant Vampire Walk Into a Plot

You got a promissory note for 500 gold and a medallion to call for help from the duchess’s uncle, the Lord Peringuey. The party the received three requests for help. First, from Gill the gnoll asking about investigating Captain Humboldt and his crew. Then from Kinven the gnome about trade routes with the Aryssorraw. Third from the elf ambassador Roa Whiteoak. The party agreed to help Kinven.

The party learned that the Aryssorraw hold the mouth of the river. They went to go talk to the blue Dragonborn. On the way, they rescued Penneya Ironblood from a group of evil tree spirits. The tree spirits’ master was an evil spirit that claimed to have once been a protector of nature. It claimed to know know Archmage Nybal. It warned the party that the Blood Lord was a very real danger, and it was a bit aghast that the party said their plan for dealing with it was to just ignore it.

Once Penneya Ironblood was rescued, she told the party about the components required to make a blood weapon, like the one that they had picked up. She asked for them to come find her in the Court of Wisdom when they were ready to learn more about the weapon.

The party made their way to the Aryssorraw camp. There, they learned that Efton Clease was the only non-Aryssorrawan to be welcomed into their clan and was named The Bloodwave.  They also hired/recruited/I’m not sure what to call it, a young nameless Dragonborn who had failed at five attempts to earn passage into adulthood. They named him Spittzz because I think that’s what they name everything that they meet these days.


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